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Marty Davis was a 35 year old Episcopalian priest in Chattanooga, TN. He was the first openly gay priest in the area and the youngest ordained priest in Tennessee at the time of his ordination.

He was involved in many charitable community endeavors including; Camp Billy Johnson (a summer camp who serves underprivileged children), the founder and convener of the Chattanooga chapter of Integrity and a long time member of Chattanooga CARES, an agency that provides help to individuals diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

On the morning of July 16, 1997, Marty woke up and started his morning routine like a normal Wednesday. He let the dog out & poured himself some breakfast. Sometime before 10:00 that morning his neighbor witnessed a man walk in to Marty’s front door without knocking, and left in a hurry. Concerned, his neighbor went to check on him.

Marty was dead on his living room floor. The scene showed of a brutal murder. He had been shot multiple times.

25 years later, Marty’s murder remains unsolved. There has been very little movement on his case in years.


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